“This project and the process has really grown me as a person, and I have learned skills that I am sure to have with me for many years to come. Thank you, PGS.”

Project Manager, Licensure Process Advantage Project, State of Alaska DCCED

Organizational Solutions tailored for your needs

What is your biggest concern regarding your organization right now? What if you could partner with someone to dig through the possibilities and create the solution that works for your organization’s unique situation?

When you work with PGS, your job is to know your organization’s skills and abilities, and to bring them to the table. We promise to bring easy-to-understand, proven tools that we tailor to fit your unique organization. That is why we say we partner for extraordinary results. You know your organization inside and out. We know how to apply tools, technology and theory to your organization to solve your biggest challenges. We won’t start working with you unless we know we can help you succeed, and we won’t leave until you do.

We encourage you to look through our toolbox and see which ones might be the solution to the most pressing needs you have in your organization. Then give us a call at (877) 276-4414 or drop us an e-mail to learn more on how we can combine our expertise with yours to create solutions that move your organization with precision and speed toward its goals. We offer a no-cost consultation for you to get to know us and “try on” our products to see how they fit.

Strategic Planning

A strategic plan that not only offers a vision of the future, but a clearly defined roadmap to that future, with accountability and due dates assigned, is the product of our Vision Navigation® planning process.

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Process Improvement

Teams of employees working in a process are trained to successfully define and implement a better system – our Process Advantage® tool boosts morale and saves the organization tremendous time and money.

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Project Management

Large-scale projects require a simple to use tool that guides the team to an on-time, on-budget delivery. Our Dynamic Planning® delivers these results.

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Executive Coaching

Our process examines what prevents you as a leader from communicating or acting when needed. We tackle what overwhelms you and get you into action as you move toward your goals.

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Metrics and Measures

Clearly defining measures that will tell leadership not only if their processes are working well, but also that they are achieving their intended goals is the result of an Instrument or Metrics Panel.

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We look at how work in the organization flows, as well as how employees communicate and problem-solve. Then we partner with leadership and staff to clearly define and streamline these connections.

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Governing Board Development

From applying Robert’s Rules of Order to becoming a value added board, we offer a suite of tools boards can use to learn and carry out their responsibilities.

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