It was new to our folks to have a method to actually track initiatives and projects, to hold folks accountable. We had a visible way to keep everyone accountable to their commitments.”

State of Alaska, Rural Aviation and International Aviation

Have other organizations faced your same problems?

Whether you are staring at a stagnant strategic plan, a failing change initiative, an over-budget, over-due project or a mutiny within the team, we have stared down the same problems and won.

Case studies

Our case studies take you through situations our clients faced that mirror what you may be experiencing. Look through them to find what resonates with your situation and see if the solution sounds promising for your organization. You can find our full list of case studies here.

Economic Development (EDC) spotlight

We have been the Anchorage EDC’s consultant for the last 5 years, partnering with them on their strategic planning and organizational structure process and tools. With our help, the AEDC has seen improvements on the 30 metrics they are tracking on their way to achieving their vision for Anchorage – to be the #1 place to live, work and play.  Check out the AEDC’s case study.

If you are part of an EDC, you can use the PGS tools in building membership and securing funding from outside resources, because our tools demonstrate not only the goals of your EDC, but how you are turning those goals into reality. Contact us to learn more

Healthcare spotlight

Seems healthcare is ripe for performance improvement and our background has provided experience in the healthcare industry you can tap into. We spotlight healthcare here, looking at how strategic planning, process improvement and project management have transformed healthcare organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Are we the right fit?

We won’t partner with you if we can’t help you achieve real, measurable results. The starting place to see how we fit is a no cost, no obligation consultation. One of our consultants will listen to your unique situation and determine if there is a mix of PGS products that can move you toward your goals. If not, we will help get you headed in the right direction and let you seek a different resource. To start the ball rolling, contact us.