Healthcare Strategic Planning

A sound strategic plan sets the long-term course for the organization, identifies key initiatives and defines accountability for results. In healthcare, a sound strategic plan is critical. PGS’ Vision Navigation® is the premier strategic planning tool that delivers these goals to your organization.

Our healthcare strategic planning solution actually guarantees improved performance through establishing:

  • Fixed accountability for results by person and date
  • Easy to use tool with which leadership can manage day-to-day results
  • Fast start for you to begin implementing of your plan
  • Alignment and commitment from all stakeholders
  • A unique solution specific to your facility and its needs

With wildly shifting healthcare policy and regulations, rapidly advancing technology, evolving primary care models and stiff EHR/EMR requirements, leaders in healthcare often find they are sailing in hostile, foreign waters — without a map. Vision Navigation® brings you the map. For an example of our Vision Navigation® chart, click here.


Peninsula Community Health Services of Alaska had just completed of a merger of two organizations. The original Peninsula Community Health center was a community health center only, but the CHC had recently completed a merger with a local community behavioral health center. Now that the merger was complete, the organization needed to know what to do next strategically to deliver quality patient care and stay financially sound. Peninsula Community Health needed a healthcare strategic plan that worked. One it could follow. There were a number of issues involved: different management styles, different operations, different software, and so on, all to be incorporated in a single strategic plan. There was a lot to do — at the board level, all the way through the staff levels.

Critical Issue

Peninsula Community Health was looking for a resource that knew the questions to ask so newly merged staff could supply their specialized knowledge to create a strategic plan that both solved organizational problems and achieved far-reaching goals. Its management was desperate for a strategic plan they could actively use to get real results. They were looking for involvement from employees at all levels to both create the plan and work it through to accomplishing the goals laid out. From the board on down, they wanted to make sure it wasn’t just the management team saying, “This is what we need to do”. It was extremely important to the organization to end with a plan they could aggressively navigate with to fulfill their aspirations. According to the board president, too often they would come together and “do all this work and then we didn’t really have a good finished product that we can use and move forward with”. They didn’t want to repeat their past mistakes, and looked to Professional Growth Systems for a new approach.


PGS Provided

PGS provided its Vision Navigation® process, with visual, practical and ongoing support, to help the two newly-merged organizations succeed in strategic planning. The Vision Navigation® process includes:
  • A variety of training and learning aids
  • Assessments of the operating environment both internal and external
  • Regular follow-up; coaching, as needed
  • The Vision Navigation® Chart, which presents, visually, in easy-to-follow form:
    • The steps to be taken to reach the various goals
    • The people who own the tasks
    • The dates the tasks are to be completed.


Peninsula Community Health Services got the strategic plan it was seeking and a visual, easy to use tool to actively work to achieve their goals.