The Anchorage Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) is focused on improving the quality of the Anchorage business community and the economy through helping to grow and diversify local businesses and by bringing in new investment from outside of Anchorage.


The AEDC was operating without a clear vision beyond a set of goals for the next year. The organization had limited resources available in both cash and staff, and therefore struggled to create the type of quality impact on Anchorage it was intended to have when it was originally designed. Finally, the Board of Directors, comprised of strong business leaders from the Anchorage area, was not engaging with staff in a dialogue to formalize and set the direction for the organization.

Critical Issue

Clarify the Vision and Organize the AEDC Structure to Achieve It

The AEDC’s structure and direction had simply evolved from the most pressing needs over time rather than being strategically developed. The organization lacked a clear vision and struggled to create the dialogue between the staff and board to develop that long-term direction. Once a focused vision was developed, the organization’s structure would need to be adjusted in order to best utilize staff talents and the limited resources available to move forward toward the vision.


AEDC needed an outside resource to stimulate the dialogue process, to challenge the group to stretch and to create a clear vision. As the dialogue moved forward and the vision came into focus, the organization needed unique tools and processes to facilitate developing the roadmap to the vision and reorganizing the structure to allow for successful implementation.

PGS Provided

PGS provided its Vision Navigation® process and Reorganization tools with visual, practical and ongoing support to help the AEDC create a long-range plan and the structure necessary to implement the work needed. The Vision Navigation and Reorganization processes included:
  • A model for organizational structure based on the flow of work and measurable outcomes
  • A clear long-term vision with measurable short-term targets
  • Internal and external assessments of the organization and its competitive environment
  • Regular follow-up on progress and challenges with targeted coaching for the CEO
  • The Vision Navigation® Chart, which presents, visually:
    • Quarterly outcomes to achieve project targets
    • Accountability assigned for completing of tasks
    • Metrics to assure that the work being completed is moving the organization toward its vision


“Bill brought in a set of tools that are incredibly unique. They were very focused on making sure that there was accountability, but yet in the same hand there was the freedom to envision and the freedom to think big and the freedom to realize that you could achieve big if you just had the right structure in place to keep you on the path towards that goal.

It gave staff clarity of purpose because it kept them all clearly focused on who was responsible for what and the fact that it’s a team effort. This toolset also helped us to identify where we might be having problems quickly rather than letting things drift too long and making the problem even worse. This was an incredible set of tools that he brought to the table”

--Bill Popp, CEO
Anchorage Economic Development Corporation