Organizational structure that works

Reorganization gives everyone clear definitions on their role and on getting from point A to point B. It makes it easier for me to evaluate and coach staff, and it is easier them to deliver excellent products and know their role.”

Chris Shutte, Executive Director, Anchorage Downtown Partnership

Does your organization operate smoothly with clear lines of accountability, communication and structure? Answer the following to see if you have a sound organizational structure in place:

  • Are your employees loyal to the organization, their department, or a subset of co-workers?
  • Does each department operate as its own “organizational silo” with little interaction to other departments?
  • Is leadership handling complaints and settling disputes instead of focusing on leading the organization?
  • Are there complaints and questions about “who does what”?
  • Is morale suffering?

What if the answers aren’t what you had hoped?

Clarity throughout the organization

Reorganization involves a look at how the company communicates, problem-solves and approaches its work, with the goal to streamline all these connections. It focuses on how customer products flow through the organization – whether that product is healthcare, a business loan, a pair of shoes, etc. It provides:

  • Clarity on the flow of  the organization from beginning to end, i.e., between departments, from the perspective of the customer
  • Clarity of each staff member on what comes in to their position, what they do with it and what product is expected of them
  • Clarity on how well the customer is being served

Is anyone let go?

The answer? No one. Reorganization is not cleaning house. It is clearing the brush that has grown up around departments and positions so that everyone can clearly see their role, their purpose, their product and their impact on the organization. It is a clearly focused organizational structure. The results are nothing short of stunning.

How would reorganization look at your company? We offer a no cost, no obligation consultation to see if our reorganization tool is a good fit. Contact us to get started today.