Achieving Measureable Performance Improvement in Healthcare

How does your healthcare organization prosper in a badly broken system?Find all the opportunities to optimize the care given while minimizing the costs associated with that care. How? By using tools that help you identify those opportunities, design and develop how you capitalize on them and measure the impact of your solutions.

What tools? We highlight three that have already proven successful in creating measurable performance improvement in healthcare organizations of many shapes and sizes:

  • Strategic Planning: With a rapid changes in the economy, government and healthcare itself, your strategic course must maneuver through tremendous challenges to reach your vision. Do you have a roadmap to get you there? We do. Learn more here.
  • Project Management: From building a satellite clinic to implementing EHR/EMR, from executing a new primary care model to accomplishing your unique large project, you must bring large scale projects in on-time and on-budget to stay afloat. Learn more here.
  • Lean change management: Incremental waste-reduction coupled with radical redesigns of broken processes leads to tremendous savings in time and money while improving patient outcomes. Learn more here

Introducing healthcare organizational transformation

Does your organization need a more complex turnaround? We can help. Our new associate, Jen Jarvis, comes to us after successfully transforming Planned Parenthood of Anchorage, taking it from $18,000 in net revenue to over $600,000, expanding services, improving patient care and substantially increasing volume. She can bring the same tools she used there to you and your organization. Contact Jen to find out more.

Want to walk through the possibilities?

If you want to learn about the tools and see what the potential is for your organization, contact us. We don’t partner with you unless we know we can make a difference. Do you need something to shift in your organization? Talk to us about whether or not we can be that catalyst.