The Express Lane to Increased Profits

Success How would you define success in your organization? More revenue? More customers? More profit? Funding to expand services? Optimizing performance? I would suggest to you that the quickest route to many of these is to focus on optimizing the performance of processes through one or more successful change initiatives. Better processes translate to lower… Read more »

Hands Off, But Hearts In: Management Support for Change

A Review Those of you who have read the article “Keys to Implementing Change” or who have read the series of newsletters from 2010-2011 may recall that the last key I talked about was Management Support for Change.  I talked about the importance of management establishing a steering committee or other structured approach to regularly… Read more »

Fact vs Opinion

W. Edwards Deming  believed that the two mistakes a manager can make are making a decision when you shouldn’t and not making one when you should...Read More »

A Stretch Vision

Sobering News I recently had coffee with a CEO with whom I had worked for years completing strategic planning, board training, CEO evaluations, etc. The company had fallen on bad times prior to his moving on and upon reflection, it was his view that a vision that was too optimistic was, in part, the source… Read more »