Focus on Results

Posted by Bill Dann
An organization's success is measured by the value delivered to its customers. How do you get everyone focused on the results that matter?...Read More »

The Fragility of Change

Posted by Bill Dann
Managers typically do well designing and managing the physical side of change, but lack tools and skills to manage the human side of change....Read More »

The Value of Data

Posted by Bill Dann
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Measure the key drivers of performance, and you will gain better predictability of future financial and organizational performance....Read More »

Reinforcing Core Values

Posted by Bill Dann
A strong set of core values actively lived by an organization significantly improves performance and provides a much needed sense of purpose....Read More »

The 7 Q’s and Why I Wrote About Them

Posted by Bill Dann
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Some of you know by now that I recently self-published a book entitled Creating High Performers – 7 Questions to Ask Your Direct Reports. This is the story of how I came to write that book as well as how you can use the questions to improve your organization. How it started Well, first of… Read more »