Meet Bill Dann

Bill DannBill is the founder and chairman of Professional Growth Systems, which he established in 1981. He is also author of Creating High Performers, 7 Questions to Ask Your Direct Reports. His commitment both as a consultant and a writer is to enable individuals to achieve their full potential and fulfillment from work, and thereby for organizations to attain a high level of performance. He and partner Doug Johnson developed a suite of tools that have proven themselves over the years to deliver on this commitment.

Following graduate school in business administration, Bill fulfilled his military commitment with two years in Alaska with the Indian Health Service, a branch of the U.S. Public Health Service. He then took the opportunity to establish and build the second of what became a statewide network of Alaska Native health corporations.

It was the experience of building a high quality, high standard organization alongside individuals he respected and cared for, many of whom had no previous work experience, that lit the intellectual fire for Bill. He set out to discover and develop keys to unlocking the potential of individuals and organizations. Dedicated to continuous learning throughout his career, Bill has researched and studied established masters in organizational strategy and improvement to the benefit of the PGS products and tools. The results of relentless pursuit can be seen in his writings and his work with clients.

Over the years, Bill has worked with individual proprietorships, intermediate size businesses and national standard bearers for their respective industries. He values the fact that he has worked for non-profit, for-profit, governmental, and international organizations. That breadth of experience has helped him gain clarity on the universal principles that underlie individual performance and organizational dynamics.

Bill’s commitment, and that of the company he founded, is to affirm that value is added to an organization from every PGS engagement. To insure that is so, PGS’ services include follow-up, assuring that what is learned and committed to is achieved. In Bill’s words, “if our client doesn’t win, we don’t win, and we won’t quit until we make it so”.

When not found writing or working with clients, Bill will likely be either on the golf course or spending time with his family, including two beautiful grandchildren.

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Meet Doug Johnson

Doug JohnsonAs President and CEO of Professional Growth Systems for the last 28 years, Doug has worked with every type of organization – from municipal court systems to large city hospitals to small village corporations. His background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Geological Engineering from the University of Alaska at Fairbanks, which he combined with his love of the outdoors as a life-long resident of Anchorage.

Doug is passionate about helping organizations succeed and flourish, from the early stages of entrepreneurship and development throughout the lifecycle of the company. During his tenure at PGS, Doug Johnson has helped a wide spectrum of companies with performance improvement initiatives. He served as a consultant in the launch of Alaska’s first biotechnology company. He has worked with scientists from Stanford Research Institute to commercialize new technology, led multifaceted governmental performance improvement initiatives and has assisted the oil industry in becoming “safer, cleaner, better,” in positioning themselves for the 21st century.

Doug leads the Professional Growth Systems Product Innovation Team and, as such, he is committed to continually educating himself in performance improvement by studying the work of “practicing masters.” He has studied the writings of, and participated in educational events conducted by those considered the leaders of our time, such as W. Edwards Deming, Michael Hammer and Clayton Christensen.

When not working at PGS, Doug is an avid skier, traveler and private pilot.

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Meet Jen Jarvis

Jen JarvisPGS’ COO and invaluable member of the PGS consulting team is Jen Jarvis. Jen is a driven facilitator with the unique ability to unify diverse groups of people and create high functioning teams. She can monitor and respond to the needs of a group while keeping them on task.

Jen hails from Michigan where she graduated from Ferris State University with a Bachelors of Science in Secondary Math Education. She started her career as a high school math and science teacher and then ventured into the world gathering experience in both the public and private sector.

Her experience in Alaska began at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital where Jen facilitated project management plans, created financial and strategic presentations, and assisted in managing relationships between the executive office and man­­y diverse stakeholders.

Jen left her tenure at FMH to take on management of Planned Parenthood of the Greater Northwest in Anchorage. While there, she grew the center from $18,000 in net revenue to over $800,000 in 3 years by strategically expanding operations to offer additional service lines, capturing previously overlooked revenue while focusing on delivering high quality, clinically sound patient care. She credits a high percentage of her success to her drive to transform the clinic to a data-driven culture. Empowering staff with meaningful metrics created certainty and confidence that they were all moving in the same direction. Her facility consistently attained the highest marks in customer satisfaction during her tenure.

Jen’s love for transforming organizations brought her to join the PGS team in 2014. Her background in teaching, management and leadership have melded together to create an outstanding consultant.  Motivating, attentive, intelligent, and analytical, Jen can drive groups to attain results they did not think possible.

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Meet Theo Hunt

Theo HuntTheo Hunt is a key member of the growing PGS consulting team. Theo is a life-long Alaskan, who attained her MBA from the University of Alaska in Anchorage in 2005. She has spent the last 10 years implementing process improvement and project management tools in a wide variety of organizations.

Theo’s work recently culminated with her being awarded a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, a valuable addition to her already diverse skill set and one that our clients truly appreciate. Theo is also a skilled, proven performance improvement coach, receiving a professional coaching certificate from the Institute of Leadership Management.

Theo’s work has taken her through a variety of complex improvement projects within a diverse set of industries, including oil and gas, health care, and real estate. One of her passions is to maximize the performance of individuals and teams by empowering strengths and eliminating interferences.

Theo’s recent work includes a Performance Improvement Coach at RLG and the Improvement Specialist at Southcentral Foundation. During her tenure at Southcentral Foundation, Theo was part of the management team that implemented a unified, campus-wide Electronic Health Record (EHR) System for 36 different solutions in over 43 health care clinics, a project which was awarded the Project Excellence Award. She also supported the successful site visit and the winning of the 2010 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

When Theo is not working with clients, she is likely to be tackling a grand adventure somewhere in Alaska. In her own words: “I truly love Alaska –  I have climbed to the top of Denali, classic skied the Susitna 100 twice, floated the East Fork of the Chandalar and camped in ANWR, saw the bears at the Brooks Falls and hiked in the Valley of 10,000 Smokes, and combat fished on the Kenai River as soon as I could hold a fishing pole.”

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Meet John Gregoire

John GregoireThe most recent addition to the PGS consulting team is John Gregoire. John’s greatest passion is active and experiential learning, and he brings a suite of team building and training tools to the PGS table. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Alaska Anchorage focusing on Small Group Communication Psychology and then a Masters of Education in Student Development Administration from Seattle University.

John’s work brought him through the ranks of the training world, from his position as Assistant Director of Student Leadership at UAA through a Learning and Development Career Specialist with Southcentral Foundation to his recent run as owner of his own consulting firm. He has developed employee training programs, facilitated strategic planning, and provided executive coaching and leadership development. His partnering with PGS will offer a broader mix of tools to his clients as well as bring state of the art training tools to the PGS toolbox.

John is partial to active and experiential learning, and has built a fully codified team building and work culture toolkit that he has used to improve work environments, enhance functional teams, and develop individual leaders within a wide variety of organizations.

When asked about past achievements he is most proud of, John cited team development work with a client which successfully assisted in decreasing turnover by 50% in an organization of over 1500 employees. With another client, his implementation the development tools resulted in marked increases in employee satisfaction scores specifically in questions associated with teamwork, communication, and organizational commitment.

When not working at PGS, John thoroughly enjoys exploring Alaska with his wife and two children.

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